Freezer App For Android

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Everyone whose mobile gets hot read this post completely and after reading this post you will get the solution that if your mobile gets hot then because of this freezer application your mobile will not get hot i.e. your mobile will be cool all the time. Due to which your mobile will never get hot, it is a great application, you must install it in your mobile and take advantage of it.

Freezer App

Such an application where you can keep any mobile application and due to this your mobile can be cool because the application you use more gets hot because of that your mobile gets hot. What you have to do is, those who use the application more in their daily life, then you have to include this in your freezer application, that is, you will install this application, then after that you will get an add button in it, if you click on that button then your mobile All the applications that are there will come in front of you, then you select the application which you use more, this will make your mobile cool.

Also tell you that you can keep a lot of applications in this application, you can add as many applications as you use to it, this means that all the applications you have in your mobile which If you use it too much, it will start getting cool, so that your mobile will not heat up. This is an application named Freezer App, you have to install it and run it in your mobile.

Let me tell you in full detail about how this freezer application works, this free application works in such a way that if you run it in your mobile, then after that all the rust files in your mobile are all there.

A folder which is an unnecessary folder etc. auto deletes all these from the rust file or clears them whatever they are not, then after that what is loaded on your mobile is light because of which Because of which your mobile becomes lighter, it does not load on it, due to which the oil in your mobile does not heat up.

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