Security guard Jobs in Dubai 

security guard jobs in dubai
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Security guard Jobs in Dubai 

A job in the security industry is a great option for anyone who wants to work in a safe and secure environment. Dubai is very careful about employee safety, and security training focuses on first aid, terrorism awareness, and how to deal with a crime. The training helps security workers understand their role and how to protect themselves and their colleagues.

Skills required for security positions

Security guards play a crucial role in the security of a building. They must be trained in self-defense and problem-solving techniques. In addition, they must have excellent communication skills and physical stamina. They must also have knowledge about security and investigation techniques. Moreover, a guard’s duty is to protect the property and the employees of the company. They may be stationed at the entrances, around the important areas, or monitor CCTV cameras.


To secure the financial and physical infrastructure of a company, security officers must know about the latest IT security tools and techniques. These professionals also need to have hands-on experience with different IT security tools. They should be proficient in handling security incidents and information and must also know about billing and follow-up actions. As for the gender of the security guard, he or she should be a woman and preferably live with an all-female residential complex.
A security guard should have at least five years of experience in security systems and be willing to work on-call. They should have a strong personality and be capable of managing customer relations. They must also have knowledge about ISR and ISO 27001 standards. Lastly, they should have experience in working with different technologies and architectures.


Dubai has a low rate of unemployment and is home to a variety of job opportunities. Security guard jobs in Dubai are highly sought after by both local and expatriate citizens. Moreover, the average monthly compensation for these jobs is around 4000 AED, which includes 20% of housing, 8% of transport, and 11% of other expenses.
Entry-level cyber security jobs require at least a Bachelor’s degree and some extra qualifications. Mid and senior-level roles may require a Master’s degree or additional skills. For example, some cyber security occupations can be filled without formal qualifications, such as penetration testers.

Education required

To get a job in security, one must have a relevant education and work experience in the UAE. The candidate should be at least 163 cm tall and have the appropriate BMI. It is also imperative to have good communication skills. One must be willing to travel. Moreover, the candidate should have a driving license of UAE.
Security jobs are available in Dubai for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals. They are available in government departments and multinational private companies. Interested people can keep an eye on newspapers such as Jang and Express for the latest Govt Security jobs. The skills required for these positions are diverse, but they all require good communication and observance skills. Experienced guards must be able to protect life and property, act lawfully and be well-informed about terrorist attacks.

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As a security guard in Dubai, you should be at least 18 years old and have an average height of 5’6″. Interested applicants should send their resumes and the required documents. Those who pass the selection process can be hired full-time. You should be able to speak English fluently and understand the language.
The minimum salary for security jobs in Dubai is around 4000 AED and it varies depending on the location you work in. You can also enjoy benefits such as free housing, free transportation, and paid leave every two years. Security jobs in Dubai are considered to be lucrative, so it’s worth looking into them.
In order to work in security, you need to be licensed by the Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Previously known as the Dubai Protective System, the SIRA regulates the security companies and personnel in the UAE. If you have an appropriate education and work experience, you should consider applying for a license.

Cost of hiring

The cost of hiring security jobs in Dubai varies depending on the type of job, the experience of the person hired, and the location of the business. For example, if you are looking for a security guard job in a shopping mall, you should expect to pay around 4000 AED a month. This amount also includes your transportation and housing expenses.
The most advanced security positions require advanced skills and training. These positions require excellent communication, organizational, and observance skills, as well as strong leadership and strategic thinking skills. Security guards are required to be diligent and law-abiding citizens who have the skills and attitude to do their job effectively. They are responsible for protecting the life of the public and must act in the best interest of the community.


Responsibilities of a security officer

Security guards have a number of responsibilities at an office building, retail outlet, or other building. They must observe the proper wearing of uniforms, maintain hygiene and appearance, and record visitors and activities. They also assist contractors, delivery people, and company maintenance teams. In addition, security guards act as first aids at work and fill out accident books. They also direct visitors and employees to various areas in the building.
Security guards have a variety of duties, but their primary objective is to prevent crimes and deter potential criminals. Aside from protecting company property, they are also responsible for the safety and well-being of hotel employees and guests. These officers may work as independent contractors or for a client. They may also work in retail and wholesale industries. In Dubai, hotel security officers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of guests. Educational requirements for this position are not high.
Security officers also keep a watchful eye on the premises, keeping watch on any suspicious activity. They protect the property from theft and fire damage. They must also perform duties such as access control, file incident reports, and maintain security equipment. Lastly, they must have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.
Despite the low pay and low skill requirements, security guards are expected to perform their duties with excellence. They must stay alert and vigilant at all times and be able to take charge in an emergency situation. They must also be at their assigned locations when their work is due.
The role of a security analyst is crucial for protecting an organization’s mission-critical information. They work closely with other departments, making recommendations regarding the best security infrastructure and procedures. They must also make presentations to the organization’s executives. Security analysts have among the highest salaries of any security occupation.

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